Renting vs. Buying a Home

Renting vs. Buying a Home

Here are some of the pros and cons of renting and buying a home.

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By Bryn Huntpalmer

Navigating the housing market and rental landscape can be an overwhelming and tricky task. There are so many factors to consider that when you are ready to finally take the plunge and decide, rent or buy, you might not even know where to begin!

I can certainly understand your struggle, so in an effort to help you make the best decision possible I broke down the process into an easy-to-read list of pros and cons for both. Just make sure to invite me to the housewarming party, OK?

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How to Create Spread Sheet in Microsoft Excel

Different parts of excel sheet :
1) Active cell : Cell with the bold black outline.
2) Formula bar : It is located above the work area of the worksheet.
3) Name box : Name of a active cell.
4) Columns are named by names and rows are named by numbers.
5) The tabs at the bottom of a worksheet tells you the worksheet name.
6) Tools are grouped by tabs at the top of the worksheet.

Entering data into excel sheet : Cell is a unit in which you enter text, numbers and formulas. You enter data in excel simply by clicking on cell and typing within it. Once you finish entering the data press “Enter” button or press one of the arrow keys to move to next cell.

Enter data automatically into sheet : Instead of entering data one cell at a time , auto fill feature can be used to fill the cell with data based on the information in other cells or data that follows the cells pattern.

Selecting data : When you select the cells they are surrounded by border. You can select ranges, rows, columns and collections as well. To select a range click and drag over the desired block of cells. Once you selected the range of cells you can drag the border to move the selection or drag the corner of the border to expand it.

Editing the data excel sheet : To change or modify the data entered in the cell double click the cell you want to change and edit the data that is there. After changing press enter button or to cancel the change press Esc button before pressing the Enter button.

Copying or moving the cell data : You can cut, copy and paste commands to move the data from one cell to another cell in excel sheet. For cut Ctrl + X, for copy Ctrl + C and for paste Ctrl + V buttons are used.

Formatting the Cells : Right click on the selected cell and change the number formats, align text in a cell, change font, choose text colors, creating borders etc.

Re sizing rows and columns : Its easy to adjust the height and width of rows and column. To adjust or change the column to fit to the widest entry double click the border to the right of the column letter. To re-size to particular width drag the border to the right to widen the column or left to make it narrower. To modify the height of a row drag the bottom border down to make the row wide or drag it up to make it smaller.

Calculating tool : The auto-sum feature provided in Microsoft excel adds the data in a group of cells in a single step. To do this select the group of cells and click the auto-sum button located in the home tab option of the spread sheet. Make sure you have selected the correct range of cells. And press enter cell range is correct.

Freezing panes in excel sheet : Cell comments help to document individual cells of your spreadsheet without taking up the extra display space in the sheet. To do this select the cell and right click and select the insert comment option from the pop up menu and add the comment.

Check here : for more details with images on creating and working with excel

How to Create Financial Forecasts Using Microsoft Excel Step by Step?

Cash projection is one of the very important steps in financial forecasting. Why do we need cash projections?

1) Construction project feasibility assessment.
2) To analyze the financial feasibility of many programs before making commitments.
3) Dealing with funds when they are needed and when they are available.
4) Identifying the problems by comparing the different forecasting levels of cash with actual results.
5) To facilitate the organization alignments.

Construction schedule, sales schedule,land development cost plans and details, overhead expense plans details are the sources of information for cash projections.

8 Steps to create a financial forecast for your construction project.
Step 1) Establishing your core objectives.
Step 2) Determining your cash flows from sales.
Step 3) Cost of production scheduling.
Step 4) Overhead costs budgeting.
Step 5) Other sources fund details.
Step 6) Determining the details of expenses that you need to pay but are not part of your income statement.
Step 7) Determining equity and amount you will pay to your investors.
Step 8) Do analysis on each project.

How to create financial forecasts using Microsoft Excel step by step?
1) Creating simple spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.
2) Using excel functions and formulas.
3) Cash flow format details.
4) Your construction business sales forecast.
5) Production cost scheduling.
6) Budgeting overhead cost.
7) Details of deposits, loans and accounts receivable.
8) Expenditures not in your income statements.
9) Equity needs details.
10) Creating financial statements using excel.
11) Structuring a construction deal.
12) Sensitivity analysis.
13) The complete construction projection.
14) Working with debt.
15) Advanced concepts on construction business.
16) Final thoughts on forecasts.

9 Steps to an Unbeatable Real Estate Marketing Strategy

9 Steps to an Unbeatable Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Holistic Marketing Concepts

To be successful at marketing real estate (specifically commercial real estate), there is no “one size fits all” solution or “magic program” to help individuals or teams grow their businesses and/or sell their properties faster or better. Rather, one must look at the whole picture and understand that “marketing” is not a single act or a strategy in and of itself but rather a complementary force to sales efforts and a key addition that both builds upon and enhances the core strengths of a sales team.

Most of the commercial leasing and sales teams within my company—which includes over 300 offices in more than 50 countries—are structured whereby a marketing person typically supports a commercial real estate broker or a team of brokers who then conceptualizes, carries out, and services both business development and property marketing strategies in order to assist with growing the business unit.

As a marketing professional…

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Houses for sale in 2015

Houses for sale in 2015

BISH - British & Irish Stately Homes

BISH100 – A list of the top 100 British and Irish stately homes for sale,
updated throughout the year, with additional news on Twitter (or search):
(click on house images to open the link to estate agent’s house photos & details)

Lyons House, County Kildare, Ireland  (Withdrawn)
€25m, 598 acres, 38k sq ft, Grade I, gardens listed, Georgian, built 1785 for 1st Baron Cloncurry by Oliver Grace, Knight Frank, brochure, Christie’s, press, video, Sherry FitzGerald, satellite, photos 2003, last sold 1996 to Tony Ryan for IR£3.5m (€4.4m) by Sir Michael Smurfit (bought 1990), privately for sale June 2009 for €80m, launched May 2010 €50m, May 2012 €40m (or €32m 300 acres) until Jul 2013, sale agreed Mar 2014 but fell through by Jun 2014, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Hawkstone Hall

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Must do Checklists for Home Builders Before Launching Website or Blog

Sticky : Check whether your blog or website is able to grab users attention and encourage them to visit the site multiple time or not.

Web 2.0 : check whether it is interactive and browser friendly or not.

Leads : Check how leads can be generated and captured.

Mobile friendly : Make sure website is mobile friendly.

Following points are the attributes of an effective website :

1)Search Engine Optimization(SEO) : Properly implemented SEO with search engine friendly language and right keywords for the content with title tags.

2)Right Keywords : Analyzing the proper keywords and implementing those keywords in content with SEO guidelines help site to get good visibility in search engines.

3)Relevant meta tags : Writing and implementing the unique meta tags with web page relevancy.

4)Appealing visuals : Thoughtfully composed and high quality photos will attract more attention than blur pictures. If you are a home builder for example use good quality home photos. Make sure homes are in pristine condition with finished land scaping. Distractions like dumpsters, temporary power poles,temporary yard signage must be removed from the photos.

5)Honest representation of company : Make sure you have provided genuine information about your company and products. This might attract a repeat buyer.

6)Lead capture : Website must drive visitors to a contact page so you can capture and create a lead. Well tailored landing pages can generate more leads for your business.

7)Social media inter connectivity to web pages : Make sure users will have an easy way sharing and interacting with your websites using different social media channels.

8) Call to action : Website must guide the users to interact with you. By mentioning mobile numbers,
user friendly contact forms on the website you can drive more good leads.

Following steps help you know how to start a blog.

1) Start your blogging with well known blogging platform WordPress.

2) Name your blog : choose the relevant name for your blog. is a popular choice.

3) Blog hosting : Host your blog with the help of known hosting service providers like

4) Select theme and categories for your blog : Many free and inexpensive themes are available on wordpress platform. So you have huge options to pick the right template which suits your business model. Otherwise you can go for developer to get custom template.

5) Keyword analysis : Do research on keywords. Choose keywords wisely and add those keywords properly in meta tags and content of the web page.

6) Schedule your posts : Using editorial calendar you can schedule your blog posts. At least you should post 8 entries per month in different days in different time interval.

7) Create a blog policy to moderate the comments posted by readers.

8) Install Google analytic code to track your blog performance.

9) Promote your blog on social media sites.

10) Measure the results.

How Builders can Sell Homes using Social Media?

To sell homes, your social media marketing strategy includes following platforms :

Blogs : Get engaged with niche users(who are interested in homes related subject) by setting up beautiful blog with helpful information about homes.
Facebook : Promote and share the relevant information on Facebook by creating profiles, groups,pages and by writing the notes with relevant hashtags.
Twitter an Micro blogging site : Create a tweet of 140 characters and share it with your followers by mentioning and using relevant hashtags.
Youtube an video social media platform : A good niche audience group can be built by creating youtube channel and sharing helpful and useful for the audience.
Pinterest an image sharing social platform : Reach maximum audience by sharing related images through niche Pinterest boards.
Online PR(Public Relationship) submissions.

By optimizing the post,page or groups on social media platforms(Social Media Optimization) even your websites search presence in the search engines can also be improved.

Social Media Strategy for Selling Your Homes.
1) Increased traffic : Participating in social networking can help you increase the traffic to your website and blog. More traffic means more buyers for your portal. Posting relevant content on blogs, social media channels by embedding company links / blog links will increase the referral url links for your website. These links provide shoppers more information about your product and your business details.
2) Social Media Optimization (SMO) : Most of shoppers visit Google,Yahoo and Bing search engines to start their online searches, in SMO first we should identify how users trying to search information related to your company and the products which you are selling. After the search terms analysis start integrating these keywords in your social media post. When search engines will identify these keywords as anchor text, search engines will identify your site as relevant for the words and phrases posted. By posting this way will help your presence in social media and search engines.

3) Online Reputation Management : Try to address the customer complaints, complaints and warranties related queries on social media platform, instead of deleting them or leaving with no response. instead it leads to escalation. So, implement a proper plan for your customer service and take into consideration of loyalty programs and surveys. Reputation is main key for business. Your customers will start their search for your product online.Make sure you are able to answer these questions. If you dont like the search results of your brand or product in Google or some other search engines,then you should think of Social Media Marketing (SMM).

If you find unhappy customers blog or active sites one page one of your company’s result. To manage your reputation in this regard well built blog or website with proper seo implemented should help you in search engines results. Now can share the blog or website information links on social media sites, this helps search engines to pick your content as soon as possible and this way you can manage your brand presence in social media sites and search engines too.
4) Engagement through social media sites : Twitter, Facebook,Linkedin, Pinterest are very popular social media sites. Just being on these social platform is enough to build your brand. Start engaging in conversations, forming relationships with potential customers Your social engagement should fulfill your brand positioning and promise. Build fan pages and engagement to attract customers to your pages. So that, they can like your page and do frequent engagement with the fan pages.
It is good to define your audience for each social networking site. Make sure that you are building network with right audience for your social networking activity in respective social networking sites.

Consider the following groups if you are thinking whom to target and how to target the right audience :

Your current clients / customers.
Future customers

These are some of my thoughts about how you can sell your homes on social media platforms. To make your social media marketing work successful you need to set the goals and with proper plan and strategies.